BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20091003T000000Z DTEND:20091003T000000Z DESCRIPTION:Links Hall&rsquo\;s 30th\n Anniversary Celebrati on\nCheck the link for complete information:\n\n 9-pp-3030.shtml\n\n<em>Experience 30 hours of continuous performance.\n Ce lebrate 30 years of performance arts innovation.</em>\n\nFeaturing Ayako K ato\n\n3:00 pm Dance Matine\n \n Charlie Vernon \, emcee \n Ayako Kato an d Friends \n Lucky Plush Productions\n Nana Shineflug\n Hedwig Dances\n Sa me Planet Different World Dance Theater\n Christopher McCray of Corpo Da nce Company \n Celia and Christian Bambara Dance Project Ayako Kato and Fr iends &middot\; Art Union Humanscape\n Lucky Plush Productions &middot\; Memory Mash (excerpt from Punk Yankees)\n Nana Shineflug &middot\; &quot \;Shimmering on the Edge&quot\;\, &quot\;Begin&quot\; and &quot\;a heart\, three trees and a brown dress&quot\; (an intersection)\n Hedwig Dances & middot\; Moi\, Aussi\n Same Planet Different World Dance Theater &middot\ ; Sextet\n Christopher McCray of Corpo Dance Company &middot\; Gaslight S onnets\n Celia and Christian Bambara Dance Project\n\n<a href="http://www.">Festival Pass $30\ , Buy Now!</a> \n Includes all performances\, late night Poonie&rsquo\;s C abaret\, independent film and dance for the camera series\, sunrise Gong L abyrinth\, Coffee Dance\, classes\, readings and fabulous parties!\n &nbsp \;\n Please note performances are first come first serve\, please arrive e arly to secure your seat. Links Hall is a second floor walk up--there is n o escalator or elevator.\n &nbsp\;\n For more information please call 773. 281.0824\n SUMMARY:Ayako Kato Dance Performance URL:/en/events/2009/10/03/ayako-kato-dance-performance/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR