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Erna P. Harris: An African-American Champion of Equality

Greg Robinson

One part of the history of Japanese Americans that has been curiously neglected is the disproportionate support offered them by Black Americans at the time of their mass wartime confinement. Victims of racial injustice themselves, African Americans demonstrated different forms of solidarity to their Nikkei counterparts during those years. In …

George Yamaoka for the Defense: The story of a Transnational Nisei Lawyer and Businessman

Greg Robinson

The French (Nikkei) Connection: Japanese Americans in Midcentury Paris

Greg Robinson

My recent article on the French-born mixed-race Japanese writer Kikou Yamata, whose works were published in translation in the United States and discussed in Nisei literary reviews, has inspired me to delve more into the fascinating and varied history of the connections that Japanese Americans forged with France during the …

Stepping over the Color Line: Nikkei at Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Greg Robinson

One pillar of American education is the network of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU). Founded to give free blacks access to higher education in the century following Emancipation, a period when African American students remained largely excluded from mainstream universities, these institutions sprang up all through the South and …

Shinkichi Tajiri and the Paradoxes of Japanese American Identity

Greg Robinson

Ken Magazine and Prewar anti-Japanese Propaganda

Greg Robinson

One of the larger causes of Executive Order 9066, and the U.S. government’s wartime confinement of Japanese Americans, can be found in the widespread expressions of race-based fear and suspicion against West Coast Issei and Nisei in the years before Pearl Harbor. During these years hate merchants, both on the …

Paul Takagi: A fearless Advocate

Greg Robinson

Many notable events of 1969—the first landing on the Moon, the Woodstock Rock Festival, the Stonewall Riots, and the New York Mets World Series victory, among others—have been the subject of widespread commemoration lately, as their respective 50th anniversaries dawn and people take stock of the diverse legacies of that monumental …

Teru Shimada - a Japanese American Pioneer in Hollywood - Part 2

Greg Robinson

Read Part 1 >>

Teru Shimada - a Japanese American Pioneer in Hollywood - Part 1

Greg Robinson

One of the great leading men of motion picture history was Sessue Hayakawa, whose magnetic good looks and style captivated audiences around the world. Hayakawa and his wife Tsuru Aoki were top stars in Hollywood during the silent film era. However, with the coming of sound film, their careers declined. …

Brother Theophane Walsh

Greg RobinsonJonathan van Harmelen

In November 2018, the New York Times wrote an article highlighting the work of Father Ruskin Piedra, the priest of the church Our Lady of Perpetual Help in New York City.1 At 84, he busies himself with supporting litigation on behalf of immigrants - some from his own parish - …

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I am a native New Yorker who is Professor of History at l'Université du Québec À Montréal, a French-language institution in Montreal, Canada. In addition to writing multiple books on Japanese American and Japanese Caandian history, I write the regular historical column "The Great Unknown" for the NICHI BEI WEEKLY newspaper.

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