Pierre Moulin

Pierre Moulin is born in Bruyeres where his father was a leader of the Resistance and member of the OSS. Historian of Bruyeres, he became the European historian of the 100th/442nd and the MIS. Honorary and life Member of the Company K 442nd, 141st 36th Division, MIS Morth California, NJAHS, Go for broke Association, etc. He is also Honorary Citizen of Honolulu, Hawaii, San Antonio Texas and Fresno California. Author of several books about the nisei and Hawaii. Two new books will come in October 2011 - American Samurais - WWII in Europe and WWII in the Pacific. Pierre is also the founder of the Bruyeres-Hawaii Committee, President founder of the GoforBroke France, and created and realized the Peace and Freedom Trail of the 442nd in Bruyeres-Biffontaine.

Updated September 2011

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A Legacy for My Sons

I was honored to have lunch with Ted Tsukiyama, retired lawyer and MIS and 442nd historian and James Tanabe, MIS historian. They were both WWII veterans in their late 80s that I had asked to proof my new books. Ted Tsukiyama’s question took me a little by surprise: “Why did you spend so much of your life writing and researching about us (Japanese Americans)?” I believe there are many reasons.

The first thing, of course, is I probably owe my life to the Japanese Americans. They came just in time to liberate my home town of Bruyeres before my father …

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