Anna Okada Sera

Currently pursuing dual PhD degrees in Sociology and in International Comparative Education from Indiana University Bloomington. Passionate about teaching, research, the ocean and being a mother. Former teacher for Japanese-Brazilian children in Aichi (Japan) and also immigrant youth in San Francisco. Worked and volunteered with NPOs and businesses that provide assistance to immigrants in Brazil, Japan and USA. BA in Education from Hiroshima University, Japan. MA in International Educational Administration and Policy Analysis from Stanford University, Graduate School of Education.

Updated November 2019

identity en ja pt

Reflections of a three-time immigrant Japanese mother: Globalization and identity on-the-move

Figuring out my own identity is a challenge, and I believe I am not alone. Most of us have probably grappled with the question "Who am I?" at some point in our lives. For immigrants, this question often becomes entangled with another question: "Where are you from?" As a three-time immigrant 'Japanese-Brazilian-American,' answering to these questions is not an easy task. When someone asks me, I usually follow a three-step explanation. I start by saying where my parents are from; then, where I was born and raised and; finally, where I live currently. So, essentially, my strategy is to talk …

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