Margaret Schulze

Margaret Schulze is a contributor to Nikkei West, Nikkei Family and a member of the Nikkei Heritage editorial board.

Updated May 4, 2006

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The Good Fight: Betty Kano and Nina Fallenbaum

Last summer, soon after President Bush declared the war against Iraq “officially over,” I spoke with mother and daughter activists Betty Kano and Nina Kahori Fallenbaum. I interviewed Betty and Nina with the intention of presenting a perspective on “the war against war.” Instead, I was presented with the power of love.

Artist Betty Kano’s activist days go back to the Vietnam War and Free speech Movement. Though semi-retired, she continues to work as an artist, curator, educator, arts administrator, organizer and activist. All this while discovering her Okinawan roots through drum dancing and continuing to pursue her painting. Betty’s daughter, …

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