Frank Maikawa

Fumio Frank Maikawa was born in Vancouver, in the province of British Columbia, Canada near the end of the Great Depression days on Dec. 19, 1932. After being incarcerated during World War II, Frank ended up in Toronto, Ontario where he felt free at last but struggled for a long time to find his identity until Feb. 22 1990 when the Canadian Federal Government sent him a personal Apology ‘form’ letter and acknowledgement. He felt vindicated and felt like a real Canadian for the first time in his life.

After graduating from Ryerson in 1956, his lifetime work was always in the electronics communications engineering field and he has been retired since 1996 enjoying his golden years with his wife, Yoshimi Susan (Suyama) in the Georgian Bay area near the Blue Mountains of Ontario. 

Updated February 2013 

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The Evolution of A Canadian 'Enemy Alien' - The Frank Maikawa Story - Part 2 of 12

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Remembering ‘Okasan’ and ‘Otosan’ 

My mother, Jun Ogawa was 8 years younger than Dad. She was born a Buddhist and was forever a Buddhist but she wanted us children to be Christians (she respected other religions also) as we were living in a Christian country and would blend into the Canadian society easier. I think she was helping out in the United Church as she often made reference of what Rev. Kosaburo Shimizu was always doing. She always referred to him as Shimizu Sensei, teacher.

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She was teaching public …

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The Evolution of A Canadian 'Enemy Alien' - The Frank Maikawa Story - Part 1 of 12

Pre-War Days & Immigration

The story started sometime in the mid-1920s when my father, Bungoro Maikawa’s oldest brother, Tomekichi immigrated to Canada and made some money fishing around Prince Rupert. Later, my uncle, Tomekichi-san rented a store on Powell Street, Vancouver before he bought it outright and started small but since he had another business in Japan, he asked his good friend, Kisaku Hayashi to run the store for him as he had to go back and forth too much to Japan.

Tomekichi-san’s business in Matsubara, Japan, was in the lumbering business, same as what my mother’s father was doing …

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