Dale Komai

Dale Komai is an online marketer and documentary filmmaker who lives in Mill Valley, California. His diverse background includes 20 years employed as a computer consultant and 4 years producing podcasts for an Internet radio station. One of his favorite hobbies involves historical research about his family's background. Since 2002, he has shared several of his personal history videos at family reunions. Many of his video documentaries can be viewed by accessing his YouTube channel, which is komaid. 

Updated August 2014

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Searching for a Needle in a Haystack

Like so many Nisei born in the United States during the early decades of the twentieth century, my father, Hiroshi Komai, left behind a large collection of personal artifacts after he passed away in 2004. Several years before his death, I did take the time to conduct an audio interview to learn about his pre-war years that I recorded and digitized for posterity. Since his passing, I have spent hours scanning and editing hundreds of photographs from his albums. Even so, there’s so much about his life that remains a mystery to me to this day.

Nisei are known for …

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