Michael Takeo Koike

Michael Takeo Koike grew up in Winter Haven, Florida. He completed his Bachelors of Arts in Economics from Princeton University. He lives in Scarsdale, New York, with his wife and two children. Michael is a private equity investor. He is also a founder and director of the Princeton Summer Journalism Program, an all-expense-paid seminar that brings low-income high school students to Princeton for a 10-day course on journalism and college admissions.

Updated October 2015

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Crónicas Nikkei #4—La Familia Nikkei: Memorias, Tradiciones, y Valores

Round Trip: An American, In Japan During World War II, Comes Home

Masuo John (Matt) Koike was born in New York in 1935 to first-generation Japanese parents, Izumi and Iku, who had emigrated from Japan. Before moving to the United States, Masuo’s father, Izumi, classically trained as a chef in Paris. In the Bronx, Masuo’s parents owned and operated several small restaurants. At a young age, Masuo accompanied his mother to Yokohama, Japan, for an extended visit with his grandparents. Unfortunate circumstances required that his mother return to New York, leaving Masuo to stay with family. In the months to come, Masuo’s older half-brother, ...

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