Elizabeth Farris

Elizabeth Farris started writing in 1999 after a first career as an Environmental Chemist. Her short stories have been published in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and online. She is a modestly produced playwright, wrote for a zoo newsletter, and edited a quarterly poetry journal. She created four short films with Lime Wrangler Productions. In 2015 she earned a Master of Arts in Creative Writing from the International Institute of Modern Letters, Victoria University, Wellington New Zealand. She divides her time between Arizona and New Zealand.

Updated June 2017

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4th Annual Imagine Little Tokyo Short Story Contest


Mama needed eggs. I was happy to walk down First Street to buy a dozen from Golden Nest Market. I picked up a carton and checked to make sure none were broken and then I looked at some of the magazines. There was a new one called Ms. Magazine. The cover had a drawing of a woman with eight arms. With one arm she was using a feather duster. With other arms, she ironed, held the steering wheel of a car, fried an egg in a frying pan, and wrote on a typewriter. Mr. Takahashi cleared his throat. Loudly. He was staring at me again. And he kept it up until I put the issue of Ms. Magazine back on th...

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