Chris Ishida

Chris Ishida is a 19-year-old freshman enrolled at Pitzer College in Claremont, CA. Currently, he is on medical leave due to being diagnosed with Severe Aplastic Anemia in January 2011. This native of Glenview, IL is seeking a donor who matches his bone marrow. Chris intends to return to college as soon as his bone marrow is productive.

Updated March 2, 2011

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How Marrow Unites a Community: Chris Ishida’s Search & Discovery

For a majority of my life I have felt a little left out of the Japanese American community. This is despite the fact that my family incorporated both my mother’s American/Italian traditions and my father’s Japanese traditions. My dad was born and raised in Japan and moved to Chicago as a young man in 1971.

As a child, I watched Japanese tapes of An Pan Man, called grapes “budou” and even attended a Japanese Buddhist temple in downtown Chicago. However, growing up in the suburbs, the Japanese American community was sparse. Few related to Japanese culture with the exception of …

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