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Random Awesomeness Brought to You by Random Ninjas!

Ninjas? Check!

Fetching tunes? Check!

Insanely talented musicians? Check!

Taiko drums? Why not?

So goes the story of Random Ninjas, an LA-based band that plays a mixed bag of pop, jazz, metal, and rock music. The fusion is anything but normal, but oh so captivating. With their whimsical lyrics and delightfully unconventional blend of instruments, the end result is pure entertainment. The taiko drums, a keytar, and stellar vocals all help to increase the cool factor.

The band represents the beautiful diversity of Los Angeles and the eclectic artists and musicians that inhabit it. The cultural influences may seem obvious, but there is so much more to their sound. Their music is bold, without equal and beams with fun personality.

Find out what makes Random Ninjas so random in the Q&A below!

RANDOM NINJAS at House of Blues, Sunset Strip, Hollywood, CA. Photo courtesy of Random Ninjas.

How did the members of Random Ninjas meet? Are you all from the LA area?

We met through mutual friends and through underground ninja tournaments. Yes, we’re in and around Los Angeles.

When did you know you had all the pieces in place to make some amazing rockin’ music together?

We knew right after reading this question.

RANDOM NINJAS at Hard Rock Café, Hollywood, CA. Photo courtesy of Random Ninjas.

I listened to “Covert” (my favorite!), “Random Hero,” “Midway,” “Tomorrow,” “Elsewhere,” and “Just One Night.” The sounds are so unique! Who are your influences?

Thank you. “Covert” is our favorite too. Just please don’t tell the other songs. In regards to influences, we have a wide range in terms of genres, but the people that influence our music are our families, friends, fans, and that one guy who keeps losing his cabbages.

Can you describe any memorable performances?

We have many memorable performances, but there’s this one time we played at a farm sanctuary. While we were playing, there were animals running around behind us. It was quite surreal. After the set, this one pig tried to eat our guitar amp. It was awesomely random.

How was the band introduced to taiko drums?

We saw a taiko group called Zendeko, and they were amazing! From there, the idea of having taiko drums in a rock band came about. We didn’t know anyone in that group at that time, so it’s pretty exciting that two of their members are now in the band.

RANDOM NINJAS at American Cancer Society Relay for Life charity event. Photo courtesy of Random Ninjas.

With the name Random Ninjas and the use of taiko drums, were these ties to Japanese culture intentional or happenstance? How did that idea/concept come together? I imagine it all came together organically but I’d love to hear your answer!

Although we would love to say everything was planned that way, it really was more happenstance than anything. The concept was really about being random. We thought having taiko drums would be awesomely random. When we started jamming, we wanted the taikos to have a real part in the music rather than just doubling with the drums. So along with every instrument, specific taiko parts are written to make the song come alive.

The lyrics are very upbeat and positive. Where do you draw your inspirations from?

Soozanna (vocalist): Lots of our lyrics are whimsical. Sometimes I like to think of a situation that might be a real life situation and then make it silly. Like maybe you’re in a long distance relationship and it’s difficult. And maybe that long distance relationship is just because there’s a highway between you with no overpass. That’s the premise of “Midway (On Either Side of the Turnpike).” Lots of times the lyrics, like our band, are random. “Covert” is about two spies following each other, though it was originally about a lumberjack. If all else fails, I just think of the rainbow butterfly unicorn kitten.

Is there anything in the works that fans should keep their eyes and ears opened for?

We are currently recording an EP! We plan to release it this year, and we can’t wait to share it with you. We are also debuting new songs at the Natsumatsuri Family Festival. We hope to see you there!

RANDOM NINJAS Random Hero album release show at Key Club, Hollywood, CA, opening for Berlin. Photo courtesy of Random Ninjas.

* * * * *

Join us at the Natsumatsuri Family Festival on Saturday, August 15, 2015 at the Japanese American National Museum. Random Ninjas will perform at 2pm. FREE!

For complete festival schedule: janm.org/natsumatsuri2015

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