BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20181219T000000Z DTEND:20181219T000000Z DESCRIPTION:From climate change to diseases to societal inequity\, the chal lenges facing humanity today can only be solved by a paradigm shift. While considerable progress has been made solving these pressing problems throu gh the current tools and methods\, we have put little regard into the long -term negative effects and thus created a set of new\, interconnected\, an d complex problems. <strong>Joi Ito</strong> argues that solving these pro blems will require bringing about a fundamental change in practice or thin king by using the Internet and advances in science and technology. In this program\, Joi shares his insights into the new theories and methods to ta ckle these problems\, and explores real-world examples of implementing cha nge. \n \n <strong>Speaker:</strong>\n<strong>Joi Ito</strong>\, Director\ , MIT Media Lab. \n \n <strong>Agenda:</strong>\n \n\n12-12:30 PM\nRegistr ation &amp\; Reception\n\n12:30-1 PM\nLuncheon\n\n1-2 PM\nLecture and Q&am p\;A\n\n \n <strong>Admission:</strong>\n Non-Corporate members: $65 lunch &amp\; lecture/$20 lecture only\n Japan Society Corporate Members: Free\, up to designated number of tickets\; additional tickets $45 lunch &amp\; lecture/$15 lecture only\n Japan Society Individual Members at Patron Circ le level and above: $45 lunch &amp\; lecture/$15 lecture only\n Academic a nd government: $35 lunch &amp\; lecture/$15 lecture only\n \n Seating is a vailable on a first come\, first served basis. \n \n <em>Prepayment must b e made with a credit card. All cancellations must be made at least 48 hour s prior to the event</em> \n \n For more information\, please contact the Business and Policy Program at 212-715-1208 or email <a>register@japansoci</a>.<strong></strong><em></em> SUMMARY:The Practice of Change URL:/en/events/2018/12/19/the-practice-of-change/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR