BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20180616T000000Z DTEND:20180616T000000Z DESCRIPTION:This engaging 2017 documentary from director Antonia Grace Glen n focuses on the experiences of Issei and Nisei women whose voices have la rgely been excluded from American history. At the heart of the film are th ree Nisei sisters: Natsuye (Nancy)\, Haruye (Lillian)\, and Hideko (Hedy)\ , who were born on a farm in the Sacramento River Delta and whose lives we re directly impacted by significant historical events such as the San Fran cisco Earthquake of 1906\, the Great Depression\, and World War II.\n\nThe ir narratives are set against the backdrop of the anti-Japanese movement i n California\, which culminated in the forced evacuation and incarceration of more than 120\,000 Japanese Americans from the West Coast. Interviewed in their 80s and 90s\, the three sisters are colorful and memorable chara cters\, recalling stories of humor\, hardship\, and heartbreak.\n\nThe scr eening will be followed by a discussion between the filmmaker and Evelyn N akano Glenn\, Professor of the Graduate School at the University of Califo rnia\, Berkeley\, and Michael Omi\, Associate Professor of Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies at the University of California\, Berkeley.\n\n Included with&nbsp\;<a href="" target= "_blank">museum admission</a>. <a href=" /9644p/tickets?tab=2&amp\;txobjid=7cc325a3-997f-4d9e-b3d0-e25d4ec55f32" ta rget="_blank">RSVPs are recommended</a>.\n\n<em><span style="color: #33333 3\; font-family: Arial\;">In the Tateuchi Democracy Forum</em>\n<span styl e="color: #001000\; font-family: Arial\;">Check <a href="http://www.janm.o rg/events/#16" target="_blank"></a> for updates.\n<span style="col or: #001000\; font-family: Arial\;">\n<em><span style="color: #333333\; fo nt-family: Arial\;">\n</em>\n<strong></strong><em></em><strong></strong><e m></em> SUMMARY:Film Screening and Discussion—The Ito Sisters: An American Story URL:/en/events/2018/06/16/film-screening-and-discussionthe-ito-sisters-an/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR