BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20140628T000000Z DTEND:20140628T000000Z DESCRIPTION:What&rsquo\;s in a name?&nbsp\;\n\nDiscover Nikkei is launching a new writing series called &ldquo\;<a href="/en/journal/chronicles/name/ " target="_blank"><strong>Nikkei Names: Taro\, John\, Juan\, Jo&atilde\;o? </strong></a>&rdquo\; to explore what your name says about you\, and the o rigins of Nikkei names.&nbsp\;\n\nIn conjunction with this series\, we are offering&nbsp\;<strong>FREE one-time writing workshops</strong> in multip le cities and countries to encourage submissions to <em>Nikkei Names</em>. These workshops are designed to help students of all writing levels devel op a point of view\, characters\, and a narrative voice to tell their stor ies about their names.&nbsp\;This can include family names\, given names\, and even nicknames!&nbsp\;\n\nPlease join us at our workshops and share y our stories about your name on! &nbsp\;\n\n<strong>Date : Saturday\, June 28\, 2014</strong>&nbsp\;\n\n<strong>Time: 10:00 a.m. to 12 noon</strong>&nbsp\;(Registration starts at 9:30 a.m.)\n\n<strong>Loca tion:&nbsp\; National Center for the Preservation of Democracy </strong>(L ocated across from the Japanese American National Museum)&nbsp\;\n\n<stron g>Instructor: &nbsp\;Patricia Wakida&nbsp\;</strong>&nbsp\;&nbsp\;\nPatric ia Wakida is a writer\, artist and community historian currently based in Los Angeles\, CA. She is the editor of two publications on the Japanese Am erican experience\,&nbsp\;<em>Only What We Could Carry: The Japanese Ameri can Internment Experience\,&nbsp\;</em>and<em>&nbsp\;Unfinished Message: t he collected works of Toshio Mori</em>\, and has worked in the publishing industry for almost twenty years. She is the editor of a forthcoming book on Los Angeles entitled <em>LAtitudes: An Angelenos' Atlas</em>\, and is c urrently writing a biography of City Lights bookstore co-owner and bohemia n Nisei\, Shigeyoshi Murao.&nbsp\;\n\n<strong>Enrollment limit: &nbsp\;20 people</strong>&nbsp\;\n\nTo guarantee your space\, please RSVP by emailin g us at <a href="">Editor@DiscoverNikkei.o rg</a> and include your name\, contact information\, and the date / locati on for the workshop that you would like to attend. &nbsp\;\n\n<strong>Bri ng:</strong> &nbsp\;\n Paper and pencils will be provided\, but you are we lcome to bring your own writing tools. A photograph of yourself is also su ggested\, both as a writing prompt and for your author bio. Most important ly\, participants are expected to bring an enthusiasm for experimenting wi th voice and form\, and a willingness to explore the theme of <em>Nikkei N ames</em> for on-line publication at the Discover Nikkei webpage.\n<em>\n< /em>\n<strong>For workshops in other locations\, please check as follow:</ strong>&nbsp\;\n\nWorkshops in English\n\n<ul><li><a href="/events/2014/09 /28/4662/" target="_blank"><strong>Anaheim\, CA: Sunday\, September 28</st rong></a>&nbsp\;\nat Orange County Buddhist Church &nbsp\;&nbsp\;</li><li> <a href="/events/2014/07/26/4644/" target="_blank"><strong>Burnaby\, BC: S aturday July 26</strong></a>&nbsp\;\nat Nikkei National Museum &amp\; Cult ural Centre&nbsp\;&nbsp\;&nbsp\;</li><li><strong><a href="/en/events/2014/ 07/19/4608/" target="_blank">Chicago\, IL: Saturday\, July 19</a>&nbsp\;</ strong>&nbsp\; \nat Church of Christ Presbyterian &nbsp\;&nbsp\;&nbsp\;</l i><li><a href="/events/2014/08/23/4646/" target="_blank"><strong>Gardena\, CA: &nbsp\;Saturday\, August 23</strong></a>&nbsp\;\nat Gardena Valley Ja panese Cultural Institute&nbsp\;&nbsp\;</li><li><a href="/events/2014/09/2 1/4619/" target="_blank"><strong>San Jose\, CA: Sunday\, September 21</str ong></a>&nbsp\;\n at Japanese American Museum of San Jose&nbsp\;&nbsp\;</l i><li><a href="/en/events/2014/09/20/4620/" target="_blank"><strong>Seattl e\, WA: Saturday\, September 20</strong></a>&nbsp\;\n at Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience&nbsp\;</li></ul>\n\nWorkshops in other languages\n\n<ul><li><a href="/ja/events/2014/08/23/4646/" target="_ blank"><strong>Gardena\, CA: &nbsp\;Saturday\, August 23</strong></a> (Jap anese &amp\; English)&nbsp\;\nat Gardena Valley Japanese Cultural Institut e&nbsp\;&nbsp\;&nbsp\;</li><li><strong><a href="/es/events/2014/07/05/4676 /" target="_blank">Lima\, Peru: Saturday\, July 5</a></strong> (Spanish)\n at Centro Cultural Peruano Japon&eacute\;s&nbsp\;</li><li><strong><a href= "/es/events/2014/08/16/4677/" target="_blank">Lima\, Peru: Saturday\, Augu st 16</a></strong> (Spanish)\nat Centro Cultural Peruano Japon&eacute\;s&n bsp\;</li><li>S&atilde\;o Paulo\, Brazil: TBA &nbsp\;&nbsp\;</li></ul> SUMMARY:Los Angeles - FREE Writing Workshop - Nikkei Names: Taro\, John\, J uan\, João? URL:/en/events/2014/06/28/los-angeles-free-writing-workshop-nikkei-names/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR