BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20120915T000000Z DTEND:20120916T000000Z DESCRIPTION:JapanFest\, now in its 26th year\, typically draws crowds excee ding 19\,000. Organized by JapanFest\, Inc.\, JapanFest is designed to pro mote understanding between Japanese and Americans in the Southeast.&nbsp\; \n<p style="text-align: left\;"><span style="font-size: 10pt\; color: wind owtext\; font-weight: normal\;"> Tickets are $8. Children age 6 or younger free. Teachers can bring their students to JapanFest for free by applying online at Larger organizations can save money by purch asing advanced ticket packages online. \n \n JapanFest will feature a vari ety of musical performances sure to suit all ages and interests\, includin g taiko drumming\, J-Rock and J-Pop\, and classical music. \n \n Dance per formances will include both traditional and modern Japanese dance\, as wel l as traditional Okinawan dance. All are invited to join in the spirited B on dance! \n \n For visitors who have always wanted to try on an authentic Japanese kimono\, the Konnichiwa Club will dress attendees from head to t oe in the latest kimono from Japan. JapanFest will also feature a variety of exciting workshops on various aspects of Japanese culture. \n \n For fa ns of martial arts\, JapanFest will feature demonstrations of virtually ev ery Japanese martial art in existence\, including aikido\, karate\, kendo\ , kyudo\, and sumo. \n \n Visitors can purchase an amazing array of Japane se goods\, including kimono\, Japanese tea\, dolls\, and rice paper. The J apan-America Society of Georgia will have t-shirts and temporary tattoos\; the Ginza-dori\, organized by the Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Georgia and named after Tokyo's famous shopping district\, will feature Japanese ceramics\, traditional Japanese clothing and accessories and fun items suc h as masks and toys\; at the Bazaar on Sunday organized by the Georgia Jap anese Language School you will find books and household goods. Traditional Okinawan items will also be available. \n \n Kids will have a fantastic t ime experiencing Japanese culture firsthand. In our Children&rsquo\;s Area \, they can make their own Japanese tops\, and the Suburban Atlanta Kite E nthusiasts will be on hand to teach them how to make a Japanese kite. The Ginza Dori shopping arcade has tons of games and activities for kids as we ll\, such as ring toss\, water yo-yos\, Japanese toys\, and more! They can even take part in carrying the o-mikoshi\, a traditional Japanese portabl e shrine. \n \n Many of the approximately 460 Japanese companies based in Georgia will display their products in the Made in Georgia exhibition. Int eractive exhibits include the latest in Japanese technology\, such as auto mobiles\, tractors\, and electronics. \n \n JapanFest features the best of Japanese cuisine in Atlanta! Local Japanese restaurants will offer a tant alizing menu of roll sushi\, bento boxes\, ramen noodles\, takoyaki\, shav ed ice\, curry rice\, yakisoba\, torikaraage\, and more! \n \n JapanFest i s not possible without the help of over 150 volunteers. To fill out an app lication\, please visit \n \n No pets other than guide dogs are allowed inside the convention center. For more information\, call 404-842-0736 or visit <a href="" target="_blank"></a>. \n SUMMARY:JapanFest 2012 URL:/en/events/2012/09/15/japanfest-2012/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR