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Of Goodbyes and Invisibilities

Shigueru Julio Tsuha

What do you hate most about this world? Posed this question, you are undoubtedly thinking of forces that have most deeply disrupted and disturbed your life and that of those around you. Disease, poverty, violence, all sure quickly bubble up from the depths of your memories and highlight the pages …

A Short History of Japanese Latin American Internment and the Fight for Full Redress

Shigueru Julio Tsuha

With Japan’s era of isolation ending with the Tokugawa Shogunate in the late 1800’s, its era of diaspora began. During the Meiji restoration, changes in Japanese state policies such as increased taxes and mandatory military service, along with the need to escape economic hardships forced many people to emigrate. The …

Growing up as a Japanese person in Peru

Shigueru Julio Tsuha

It is difficult to remember exactly what it was like to be Japanese in Peru. My ethnicity mattered a lot, and at the same time, it feels like it did not. While this may be contradicting, I do not see it as logically problematic. I have taught many classes on …

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The Issei Legacy: Passing the Values of the Issei onto Younger Generations

Shigueru Julio Tsuha

Cherishing the values of the first generation of Japanese migrants to the United States of America, Tsukasa Matsueda, Ed.D. writes a compelling book that is simultaneously an honoring of the Issei and a message to younger generations.

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