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Frank Kikuchi


Frank Kikuchi's Parents

Frank Kikuchi's parents were Issei, his mother from Fukuoka and his father from Iwate. They came to the United States before the 1920's and were married after they arrived. Frank's father worked as a foreman for the Grand Northern Railway, because he could speak and write in English. He then started a farm in Central Washington. Then, during Prohibition, Frank's father established a business selling ingredients to make beer. He also owned mutliple apartments. At the end of Prohibition, Frank's father invested in a coal mine in Utah, so the family moved there for one year. The Kikuchi family finally came to Los Angeles when Frank's father decided to open up a grocery store.

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Frank Kikuchi's Parents
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This is a picture of Frank Kikuchi's mother and father. It was taken in Seattle, Washington. Frank's mother was from Fukuoka, Japan, and his father was from Iwate, Japan. Both … More »

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