Kyomi Vargas Hoshi

Kyomi Vargas Hoshi was born in Lima in 1996. She is a cat lover, linguist, singer, and fourth-generation Nikkei. She studies linguistics at the Catholic University of Peru. She serves as the spokesperson of the Youth Department of the Japanese Peruvian Association and Perú Niigata Kenjinkai. She also loves to sing and often performs at Nikkei community events with the Kumamoto Karaoke Club, or with her band, Bentobox.

Updated September 2019


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Nikkei Chronicles #8—Nikkei Heroes: Trailblazers, Role Models, and Inspirations

The Teacher Who Crossed the Ocean

As we commemorate 120 years of Japanese immigration to Peru, I'd like to share a personal reflection inspired by the immigration story of my great-grandmother, who has been an enormous source of admiration for me both as a person and as a woman. Her story is probably similar to that of many other women, a story that is so rarely told. I’m going to take this opportunity to tell it, since it has been 120 years since the Sakura Maru arrived in Callao. My great-grandmother, Yoshino Sakurai, was from a small town in the mountains called Ojiya, in Niigata. Because she was born in the mi…

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