Kam Teo

Kam Teo is the branch manager at the Weyburn Public Library (WPL) in Weyburn, Saskatchewan. He became interested in the work of Kiyoshi Izumi when he discovered that the Regina, Saskatchewan-based architect designed the original 1964 Weyburn Public Library on which the present library is located.

Updated February 2016

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Kiyoshi Izumi: Saskatchewan Nisei architect - Part 2

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Post Second World War

The reintegration of veterans to civilian life after the end of hostilities was a challenge for Canadian society in general and at universities in particular and the University of Manitoba was no exception. In 1947, university president Albert W. Trueman observed that returning veterans taxed the administrative capacity with student registration at the U of M reaching “the unprecedented figure of 6,919.” The presence of “such an army of students” imposed “severe strains on the institution,” declared Trueman with the university administration scrambling to find staff, space, and equipment for returning veterans …

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Kiyoshi Izumi: Saskatchewan Nisei architect - Part 1

Kiyoshi Izumi (1921–1996) was an impressively-educated Canadian architect who designed many iconic Saskatchewan buildings during the boom of the 1960s. His personal and professional journey, however, are just as historically important as his architectural contributions. The Japanese Canadian community in Saskatchewan of the 1940s was small, and it is clear that Izumi’s experiences as a Nisei who reached adulthood during the Second World War left an indelible impression.

British Columbia

Little is known about the early years of Kiyoshi Izumi. Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, on March 24, 1921, the son of Tojiro and Kin (both born in Japan), Kiyoshi …

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