Justin Tanaka

Justin Tanaka is an incoming 3rd year student at Occidental College in Los Angeles. He is an Asian Studies Major and looks forward to spending his next semester studying abroad in Tokyo, Japan, as part of Occidental's Japan Studies Program. Justin resides in Maui, Hawaii and enjoys surfing and spending time with his family and friends.

Updated July 2007

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The Cultural Implications and Authenticity of Japanese-style Gardens of California

Japanese-style gardens in California evoke different feelings of sentiment within their viewers. For the Japanese-American, a Japanese-style garden may evoke a sense of pride for their earlier generations. For a businessman, it may look like a means of profit. And to a casual observer, it may represent the cultural ideals of Japan itself. Japanese-style gardens were created by different people for a variety of uses, and as a result uphold different functions. Japanese-style gardens of California therefore, reflect the dynamic, and ever-changing Japanophilic tendencies of their creators and us…

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