Brittany-Marie Swanson

Brittany-Marie Swanson is a senior Asian Studies major at Occidental College.  Her primary academic focus has been on Asian popular culture, especially concerning China and Korea.  Among other things, she has written for several newspapers in the Los Angeles area.

Updated April 21, 2009

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Little Tokyo Community Profiles

Community Connections: Aihara Insurance’s 61-Year Commitment to Little Tokyo

Upon his return to Little Tokyo after World War II, veteran Luis K. Aihara found the community much changed. Though his own family had been uprooted and incarcerated in internment camps, they, and many other families of Japanese descent, flocked back to Little Tokyo where the majority of Buddhist temples and Japanese markets were located. Even after the chaos and displacement of war, Little Tokyo’s sense of community reemerged, and it was here in 1948 that Aihara founded his company, the Aihara Insurance Agency. Aihara’s life insurance business, initially located on San Pedro St…

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