Sumōru Maunten

Sumōru Maunten (pen name) is a Yonsei (fourth-generation Japanese American). He graduated from law school in May 2019 and has successfully passed the Oregon State Bar Exam. He current works as a lawyer for the Oregon government. His hobbies include haiku and studying Japanese.

Updated September 2019

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Nikkei Chronicles #8—Nikkei Heroes: Trailblazers, Role Models, and Inspirations

The Great-Grandmother Damashii

I often could feel the presence of another person, even though nobody was there and would frequently hear voices that only I could hear. It was strange to me and I couldn’t stand it as to why other people couldn’t hear the voices. This was my situation six years ago, during the time when I was diagnosed with schizophrenia by a psychiatrist. I dropped out of college and was involuntarily hospitalized. I had no freedom in the hospital, and the psychiatrists prescribed me strong antipsychotic medicines. The medicines sapped my willpower and motivation and I felt unable to move.

My …

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