Kohei Ohsawa

Kohei Ohsawa was born on May 3, 1990, in Toshima Ward, Tokyo. In 2013, he graduated from the Sophia University with a degree from the department of Portuguese Studies in the Faculty of Foreign Studies. In 2016, he went to Brazil for the first time and is currently on training at Nikkey Shimbun.

Updated December 2017

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Nikkei Chronicles #6—Itadakimasu 2!: Another Taste of Nikkei Culture

Taking Pride in Spreading Yakisoba From Suzano to the Rest of Brazil – Tie-up of Noddle-making Facility and Bunkyo

Having originated in Colonia and spread to the rest of Brazil, “Yakisoba” is now enjoyed by many Brazilians. While the most general kind of yakisoba in Japan is the one flavored with brown sauce, why in Brazil did the one with a mountain of vegetables and meat in an-kake (thick sauce) on top of noodles, called an-kake yakisoba become so popular? This mystery had remained unsolved, as some people even called it one of the “seven mysteries of Colonia.” However, behind the mystery were the Hirotani Seimen, noodle-making facility, in Suzano city as well as some work of Fujinbu (women’s …

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