Troy Miyazato

Troy Miyazato is a 10th grader at California Academy of Mathematics and Science. He is a Mensa Honor Society member, and an Alzheimer's Advocate, volunteering as a Social Media Ambassador for Alzheimer's Los Angeles. Troy is also a volunteer for Go For Broke National Education Center, helping with interview transcriptions of World War II Nisei Veterans. In his free time, Troy loves to play tennis, basketball, archery and singing in the youth choir.

Updated July 2021

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Nikkei Chronicles #10—Nikkei Generations: Connecting Families & Communities

The Spirit of Giving

Looking through my bedroom window, I see an installer meticulously placing new, dark tiles along the pool waterline in my family’s backyard. Over the next few days, I check on the status of our pool, anxiously waiting to see the outcome of the renovation. When it was finally completed, I realized that up close, the tiles looked stunningly beautiful, with the blues and browns of the design creating a chaotic ensemble of wonderfulness. When the tiles mold together, they form an intricate pattern that looks so unique. Every experience is like a tile that is added to the design, ultimately …

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