Angela May

Angela May (née Kruger) is a mixed gosei community activist, writer, and scholar. Across these forums, Angela's work considers the legacies of dispossession and displacement in Vancouver, especially as they affect the Japanese Canadian and Downtown Eastside communities, and particularly as these communities overlap. She completed her MA at Queen's University under the supervision of Dr. Jeff Masuda and is currently completing her PhD in English and Cultural Studies at McMaster University. While her community work has taken many different forms, one constant has been the Advocacy and Outreach Committee of the Powell Street Festival Society, of which she has been a member since 2015.

Updated January 2021

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Book Review - Migration, Displacement, and Redress: A Japanese Canadian Perspective

Tatsuo Kage’s Migration, Displacement, and Redress: A Japanese Canadian Perspective is an opportunity. It is an opportunity not only to re-read passages from Tatsuo’s many brilliant writings, but to re-think, as a community, what these writings mean to us. As a Gosei scholar-activist myself, Tatsuo’s decades-long work quite literally made possible much of the work to which I and, I know, many others, are now dedicated. Indeed, it nearly goes without saying that this book is a testament to Tatsuo’s long-standing scholarly and activist work in and beyond the Japanese Canadian community.

What is perhaps less obvious, however, is that …

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