George Kiriyama

George Kiriyama was a longtime LAUSD educator. He served on the LA School Board in 1995. He founded the Japanese American Historical Society of Southern California; he also served on many boards. George passed away in August 2005.

Updated April 2015

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Nanka Nikkei Voices

Coming Back Full Circle

When the war came to a close, many of our friends started to leave camp. My brother Yukio just seemed to disappear at the first call—he went to Chicago to make his fortune. He found a job in one of the finer hotels as a busboy and was making a very good salary since that hotel catered to the very wealthy. My brother Taketo left for Los Angeles to make up for lost time and wanted to make as much money as possible. The only secure independent job to be found was as a gardener. My sister Haruko, who was …

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