Yuki Kawakami

Yuki Kawakami is a creative producer based in Sydney, Australia. She is interested in socially inclusive community-led projects and supporting career-pathway opportunities for young people in the arts. She is currently working as the Tertiary and Youth Programs Producer at the Art Gallery of New South Wales and is the Chair on the Board of Firstdraft. In 2019, she was assistant curator of the Gallery's major exhibition Japan supernatural and creative producer of its Sydney Festival program, Night parade of one hundred goblins. In 2017, she was awarded the Edmund Capon Fellowship to research youth engagement programs in Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. She is passionate about ethical leadership practices in mentorship and working with artists from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. (Profile photo by Felicity Jenkins, AGNSW)

Updated October 2021

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Nikkei Chronicles #10—Nikkei Generations: Connecting Families & Communities

Across Oceans

My parents met in Osaka when Mum was in her final year of school and Dad was a university student. Mum was an occasional backup singer on TV and graduated with a degree in nihongo (Japanese), while Dad worked as a sales representative for a kimono dress and fabric company. They married in their 20s and enjoyed their life together for nearly a decade before I was born in 1987. With a baby on the way, Dad secured a job at a major Japanese real estate firm. He became a quintessential Japanese salaryman, leaving home before sunrise and returning late in the evening after Mum and I had fallen asl…

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