Paula Ikeda

Paula Ikeda is a journalist specializing in lifestyle, a writer, and content creator. Awarded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan in 2017, Young Outstanding Nikkei in 2018, advisor to Gastro Japo Food Week for the Japanese embassy in Argentina, and distinguished with the Ambassador Award for her contribution to the development of bilateral relations between Argentina and Japan in 2019.

Updated on February 2021

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Club Gastro Japo and food, the best way to get to know Japanese culture

“A small boat sailing in the ocean is easy to knock over, whereas many boats sailing together are difficult to turn over,” with that idea in mind, a small group of Nikkei gastronomers gave shape to an idea. Sergio Asato, Alejandra Kano, and Naomi Kanemoto did not know each other. It was through a chat group that they began contact with a common motivation: to join forces as small entrepreneurs and Japanese restaurants to get ahead in the middle of the economic crisis. What began as an initiative with commercial aims (connections that would allow them to make bulk purchases …

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