Mike Gordon

Mike Gordon, a journalist for more than 30 years, has researched and written about Hawaii’s internment experience since college. Although born and raised in Hawaii, he did not know about the Honouliuli Internment Camp until he was a student at the University of Hawaii. As a result, he made several trips to Washington, D.C., to research original military records, including internee hearing board transcripts. His master’s thesis at the University of Iowa focused on the Hawaii experience.

Updated December 2013 

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‘Hawaii Five-0’ recreates internment camp

The two women were chatting about the internment of Hawaii’s Japanese when the van they were riding in left the paved street for a plantation road. It was an emotional detour neither expected.

Carole Hayashino and Jane Kurahara knew the history of Hawaii’s World War II internment camps, especially the largest one in Honouliuli Gulch. Both women had been to the site of the camp.


Hayashino, president and executive director of the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii, had given tours there. Kurahara, who volunteers at the center, had helped locate the camp at a time when many people feared …

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