Jonathan Gartrelle

Jonathan Gartrelle is 21 years old, African American. He is a Junior majoring in Japanese and Chinese Language at Occidental College. He is a New York City Native. He works at the Daycare Center during the week, and this summer he will be interning at The Asia Society in NYC. He would classify himself as an avid fan of Japanese culture. He has traveled to Japan four times, once with a school and three times independently. He has studied the language for six years, three in highschool and three in college. He hopes to live overseas in Japan after school and study the language more intensely.

Updated June 2010

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Little Tokyo Community Profiles - 2010

Mitsuru Grill: Feel Good Fusion

Mitsuru Sushi & Grill is a cozy restaurant located by 1st Street and San Pedro of Little Tokyo. Its atmosphere projects an air of unassuming invitation. The main store window displays an amazing and colorful array of plastic sushi pieces, organized in the manner in which they may be ordered and prepared. In the very front of the restaurant is a simple sushi bar where one has complete visual access to witness the traditional manner of making sushi. The restaurant then deepens into a larger eating area containing a lengthy lunch counter and flanking booths. It would be an …

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