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H.B. “Sonny” Gardner began visiting Japan in 2004 and has been living in Osaka, Japan since 2009. Born in Wisconsin, he has had a varied career in theater, arts, and writing. His main interests circle around the psychology of religion, mythology, art, the occult, and the horror genre. He currently teaches English to private students and at a private Catholic school in Osaka, as well as instructing students in how to use the Tarot cards and meditation. He writes nonfiction and fiction under a pseudonym. Some of his writing can be found at

Updated July 2017

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An Interview with Ernest Harada: Celebrating 50 years of Rosemary’s Baby - Part 2

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SG: What was your impression of the role you were given in the film?

EH: I asked Roman about that. He said: “If you look around you see these Japanese businessmen all over the place and they all have cameras. They’re in groups of three and four and five, and they’re running all over the world—Europe, America—and they all have cameras. I wanted to put that in, so you’re it!”

SG: Your character is quite conspicuous in the final scene. It’s kind of an odd character to discover there in that scene of the story.

EH: …

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An Interview with Ernest Harada: Celebrating 50 years of Rosemary’s Baby - Part 1

In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Rosemary’s Baby, Devil in the Details interviewed actor and performer Ernest Harada, who appears as a Satanic Japanese photographer in the climactic final scene of the 1968 film directed by Roman Polanski. The novel was published in 1967 and the film was released the following year, making 2017 and 2018 the Golden Jubilees of one of the horror genre’s most influential works.

Born October 20, 1944, in Honolulu, Hawaii, Ernest Harada graduated from Mid-Pacific Institute in 1962 and studied political science at Syracuse University. He received a degree in acting in 1965 …

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