Kelly Fleck

Kelly Fleck is the editor of the Nikkei Voice, a Japanese-Canadian national newspaper. A recent graduate of Carleton University's journalism and communication program, she volunteered with the paper for years before taking on the job. Working at Nikkei Voice, Fleck has her finger on the pulse of Japanese Canadian culture and community.

Updated July 2018


Past and Present Collide in Artist Kellen Hatanaka's Exhibit SAFE | HOME

STRATFORD — In artist Kellen Hatanaka‘s installation SAFE | HOME at the Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre is sculptures of sports memorabilia for the legendary Asahi Baseball Team. A teapot with the team’s colours and ASAHI name emblazoned across the front. An action figure with dark hair under a red striped baseball cap. An Asahi ’93 Championships commemorative bottle opener. But of course, the Vancouver Asahi never won a 1993 championship. The club disbanded in 1941 when Japanese Canadians were dispossessed and interned during the Second World War. …

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Tastes Like Memories: From Sea and Shore Steveston's Favorite Japanese Canadian Recipes

STEVESTON — Inspiration struck for the community cookbook, From the Sea and Shore: Steveston’s Favourite Japanese Canadian Recipes, from the monthly Nikkei seniors’ luncheons at the Steveston Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (SJCCC). The luncheons were a way for Japanese Canadian seniors to connect and reminisce with old friends over a home-cooked Japanese Canadian meal. Volunteers would cook Japanese Canadian comfort foods like kabocha, teriyaki salmon, and okayu. As the seniors’ Sansei children arrived to drive them home, the smells drifting out of the kitchen woul…

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Asahi Player/Manager Roy Yamamura Inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame

ST. MARY’S, Ont. — Legendary Asahi player/manager and MVP award-winning shortstop Roy Yamamura was inducted into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum during a virtual ceremony on Nov. 16. While the entire Asahi team was inducted into the hall of fame in 2003, Yamamura is the first individual player to be honoured with the distinction. The hall of fame’s Class of 2021 included 16 individuals and one team, all inducted posthumously as the hall recognized trailblazers overlooked in baseball history. A handful of inductees, like Yamamura, had their careers cut short du…

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Kimiko’s Pearl Tells One Family Story Over Four Generations

ST. CATHARINES — Japanese Canadian history has been thoughtfully explored through literature, poetry, film, theatre, and journalism, but Bravo Niagara!’s production of Kimiko’s Pearl explores this history in a completely new way—ballet. Performed by the principal dancers of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet with original music and choreography, Kimiko’s Pearl shines a spotlight on the Japanese Canadian experience and honours the community’s resilience by telling the story of one family over four generations. The ballet, currently in developmen…

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The Story Behind the Garden at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre

TORONTO — When the construction concludes on a landscape project, the work only just begins. While a building architect works with steel, wood, and brick, landscape architects work with plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers, which requires maintenance and care, explains Scott Fujita, the landscape designer behind much of the garden space at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre. “Usually for a building architect, after the construction finishes, that’s it. But landscape [design] is different. After the construction is finished, that’s the beginning of the garden,” …

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