Denby Fawcett

Denby Fawcett is a longtime Hawaii television and newspaper journalist, who grew up in Honolulu. Her book, Secrets of Diamond Head: A History and Trail Guide is available on Amazon.

Updated August 2019

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Yellow Bowls And The Ugly Wartime History They Symbolize

The 120 bowls in varying shades of yellow are being taken to camps where innocent Japanese-Americans were imprisoned during World War II.

Today, when many other people protest unfairness with loud demonstrations, Setsuko Sato Winchester is using quiet beauty to draw attention to one of the ugliest acts of racial discrimination in American history.

Setsuko has created 120 tea bowls in varying shades of yellow to symbolize “the yellow peril,” as Asians were once described. Each yellow bowl stands for 1,000 of the 120,000 individuals of Japanese descent imprisoned in camps during World War II.

“I wanted to do it …

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