Lillian Michiko Blakey

Lillian Michiko Blakey is a Sansei artist, born in Coaldale, Alberta in 1945. She has explored her family’s story of forced relocation during WWII through her art and writing for the past twenty years. Her art is in the permanent collections of the Government of Ontario Art Collection and in the Nikkei National Museum. Currently, she has work in the Royal Ontario Museum’s exhibition, Being Japanese Canadian: reflections on a broken world.

Updated April 2019

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Redefining Home

Once upon a time, in the small village of Ruskin, there was a little girl named Reiko. She loved her life in the Fraser valley where her father taught her how to fish, using only a string and a safety pin. She and her two sisters spent precious summer days with their father who took valuable time away from his work as a salmon fisherman… to make sure his daughters knew he loved them. In the winter, he would hitch up his horse, Prince, to a sleigh and they would go deep into the woods to find the perfect Christmas …

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