Leading up to the Inauguration as the Nikkei Ambassador of Paraguay: The Joyful Moment (Japanese)

Leading up to the Inauguration as the Nikkei Ambassador of Paraguay: The Joyful Moment (Japanese) The Current Conditions of Dekasegi from Paraguay (Japanese) Views on Japanese Youth (Japanese) Carrying on the Legacy in the Colony of Paraguay (Japanese) The Changes in Youth in the Colony (Japanese) The Grand Duty left to the Issei (Japanese)

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(Japanese) I myself served as the chairman of 6 difference organizations, including the mayor of La Paz and the chairman for the Central Cooperativa Nikkei. I consulted with people around me if I, as an immigrant, should become ambassador of Paraguay. At that time, they mentioned to me that it is very rare for immigrants to become an ambassador. As an immigrant, it is an honor and a source of pride to be able to serve the homeland. For many immigrants, Japan is still their home country. The demands that I should become Paraguayan Ambassador to Japan was getting higher, even if I had to leave behind my current position. I, myself, felt the opportunity was a great privilege so that I decided to accept the position as an ambassador to Japan. People in the Japanese colony as well as the Itapúa prefecture also considered it an extreme honor that somebody from their region became an ambassador so they were very supportive. Of course, I received much aid from the people of Paraguay when living in the colony, and I was welcomed in the places, conferences, and visits I made as the ambassador. I must say that as a Japanese person, the one thing that makes me feel most honored is the chance to meet the Emperor a few times a year through such events as the presentation of credentials, dinner parties, and receptions. The fact that I am able to shake hands with the Emperor creates this strong feeling in my heart of being Japanese.

Date: March 24, 2009
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Interviewer: Alberto Matsumoto
Contributed by: Watase Media Arts Center, Japanese American National Museum.

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