BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20120313T000000Z DTEND:20120313T000000Z DESCRIPTION:Homeroom and the Japanese American Service Committee present\nG odzilla 101: Birth of an Atomic Monster\nGodzilla returns! On Tuesday\, Ma rch 13\,&nbsp\;9:00 p.m.&nbsp\;at the Hungry Brain (2319 W.&nbsp\;Belmont) Homeroom and the Japanese American Service Committee (JASC) present a one -night apocalypse of sight\, sound\, and fury. Join Homeroom hosts and Dr. Larry Mayo\, professor of anthropology at&nbsp\;DePaulUniversity\, for a look at the radioactive origins of the world's most caustic monster risen from the ashes of the&nbsp\;U.S.devastation of&nbsp\;Hiroshima\,&nbsp\;Nag asaki\, and Bikini Atoll. Godzilla was at once comfort to a nation in mour ning as well as confrontation with the dawning of the Atomic Age. Mayo wil l trace out the direct influence of the&nbsp\;U.S.&nbsp\;occupation of&nbs p\;Japan\, the H-bomb\, and modernity as "foreign pathology" on the genesi s of Godzilla\, as well as the continuing mutation of our hero/horror in p opular global culture. Is Godzilla friend or foe? Is he to be understood-O R DESTROYED!?\nThe night features special guests\, slide-shows and screeni ngs (including excerpts from Kim Jong-il's "Godzilla" movie)\, plus monstr ous J-Rock curated by Laurel Fujisawa.\n<strong>Godzilla 101: Birth of an Atomic Monster</strong>\nTuesday\, March 13\,&nbsp\;9:00 p.m.\nThe Hungry Brain\n2319&nbsp\;W Belmont\n21+\nSuggest Donation: $5&nbsp\;\nPresented i n partnership with&nbsp\;<a href=" 01&amp\;s=736&amp\;e=001p_CpzyvU76NSUcitx9e3Cg_7j3s-ydB6-exgXIYF_-jUsPiTBp ZYpc5KNUHOcm5ci5InX1JckurNiGEayl_QqmBnCQ7sd2TpIwQo1feAkVtbtGOEqraXMA==" ta rget="_blank">Homeroom</a>&nbsp\;and the&nbsp\;<a href=" /tn.jsp?et=1109327916701&amp\;s=736&amp\;e=001p_CpzyvU76NTTPhItysFGFmqv7kV EfdGAFPldhH5ljT2CT4BgbZCr3d6kKmi51fRmhZWbIk6JeQ5xohsmXSj9NjWSpA9rMYo6WMtnl _4TC8gZt4WfomDZg==" target="_blank">Japanese American Service Committee</a >\n&nbsp\;ABOUT\n101&nbsp\;is an informal lecture and discussion series in which enthusiasts explore sub-culture and pop in front of a drinking crow d. It takes place on occasional Tuesdays at the Hungry Brain in&nbsp\;Rosc oe&nbsp\;Village.\n&nbsp\;Presenter:&nbsp\;<a href=" jsp?et=1109327916701&amp\;s=736&amp\;e=001p_CpzyvU76N6GlKKkbSVUf5mZo2z6fNY yLYXI3TpZn6zPf_qjmf97ZC--uS6zJQ48BaQWQhbFBESIoI59nQuE8v9IWDfEdrIIJITHQJR3J kxrSmkuNKbgjDGWpGeT5t02nW0xTrdmES1f7TiiaHaISkLbfE_j4k3" target="_blank">La rry Mayo</a>\n&nbsp\;Host:&nbsp\;<a href=" 9327916701&amp\;s=736&amp\;e=001p_CpzyvU76MXCdGuyoZiYfq3FYssVUxkCpzwfEi_fI fdBJ55Lt97Qp1LkznmhaGLSuf9pHOGmB5Fz_2mM8FRPJYIUcyHp-XCjD49jMGNm4eL1bneacY0 JIHl4rliKsxYZAhbYBYvb49iqIXXZWG3PZUqwT8Sxpd4Pt-bOz5KDffcbbJmtOPUX4_I0oR-WX oL7elusXNUKz-2nCo6_8yjkPhNmJwiWC67" target="_blank">Fred Sasaki</a> SUMMARY:Godzilla 101 at The Hungry Brain URL:/en/events/2012/03/13/godzilla-101-at-the-hungry-brain/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR