BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20110928T000000Z DTEND:20111014T000000Z DESCRIPTION:Through Friday\, October 14\, the Japan Information Center's ma in hall will be transformed into an art gallery for the exhibit<em>between a word &amp\; a brush stroke</em>\, which brings together artists Lidia R ozmus and Masanobu Hoshikawa.&nbsp\;\n\nThe exhibition showcases several g enres of Japanese ink artwork: calligraphy\,&nbsp\;<em>sumi-e</em>&nbsp\;( black-ink painting) and&nbsp\;<em>haiga</em>.&nbsp\;<em>Haiga</em>&nbsp\;i s a combination of&nbsp\;<em>sumi-e</em>&nbsp\;and haiku poetry which capt ures the images or inspirations from the short verse into a simple picture .&nbsp\;\n\nMs. Rozmus and Mr. Hoshikawa\, originally from Poland and Japa n respectively\, have exhibited their works around the world. We are happy to present these Japanese art forms and share their sense of beauty with you.&nbsp\;\n\nThis is only a two-week engagement\, so make time on your s chedules today to come see the work of two dedicated practitioners of Japa nese art.\n\nDate\nWeekdays through Friday\, October 14\, 9:15 AM - 5:00 P M\n\n<a href=" f6=Y2hpY2dqIDA5LzI4LzIwMTEgMTY6MzA6MTQ%3d&amp\;x=7e74c117" target="_blank" ></a>\n\nPlace\nJapan Information Center\n737 N Michigan Ave. #1000\nChica go\, IL 60611\n(<a href=" 7/0/?c4e129f6=Y2hpY2dqIDA5LzI4LzIwMTEgMTY6MzA6MTQ%3d&amp\;x=03e03063" targ et="_blank">Map &amp\; Directions</a>)\n\nInfo\n\nFree!\n<a href="http://w wMTEgMTY6MzA6MTQ%3d&amp\;x=94090da2" target="_blank">More Information on M r. Hoshikawa</a>\n<a href=" 869/0/?c4e129f6=Y2hpY2dqIDA5LzI4LzIwMTEgMTY6MzA6MTQ%3d&amp\;x=20ab067b" ta rget="_blank">More Information on Ms. Rozmus</a> SUMMARY:Calligraphy Exhibition at the Japan Information Center URL:/en/events/2011/09/28/calligraphy-exhibition-at-the-japan-information-c e/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR