BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20110312T000000Z DTEND:20110312T000000Z DESCRIPTION:<strong>FREE ALL DAY!</strong>\n\nEnjoy a day of fun for the wh ole family. This month&rsquo\;s theme is building and architecture.\n\n<em >Generously sponsored by Target\, these special Saturdays are filled with fun activities giving families unique ways to learn\, play\, and grow toge ther.</em>\n\n&nbsp\;\n\n<strong>ALL DAY CRAFT ACTIVITIES:</strong>\n<li>C reate a map collage of your neighborhood</li><li>Construct a wacky buildin g out of a variety of materials. The crazier the better!</li><li>Ruthie&rs quo\;s Origami Corner: Make and decorate an origami skyscraper!</li>\n\n&n bsp\;\n\n<strong>SCHEDULE:</strong>\n\n11 AM &ndash\; 5 PM: Participate\, learn and have fun in our newest exhibition <em>Xploration Lab</em>. Be su re to check out the new kids corner!\n\n11 AM &ndash\; 4 PM: Little Tokyo Model Building workshop with Place It!\n\n12:30 PM: 30-minute tour of our Historic Building\, the former home of the Nishi Hongwanji Buddhist Temple (15 max)\n\n1 &ndash\; 2 PM: Interactive workshop with Place It (first co me\, first serve\, limit 25 students)\n\n1 - 4 PM: Kidding Around the Kitc hen will help you construct and build your own homemade trail mix.\n\n2 PM : An Intergenerational Book Reading: <em>Making Home from War</em> and <em >My Dog Teny</em>\n<em>Making Home from War</em>&mdash\;Edited by Brian Ko mei Dempster\, the long-awaited sequel to the award-winning <em>From Our S ide of the Fence</em>. Written by 13 Japanese American elders\, it is a co llection of stories about their exodus from concentration camps into a wor ld that in a few short years had drastically changed.\n\n<em>My Dog Teny</ em>&mdash\;Written by Yoshito Wayne Osaki and illustrated by Felicia Hoshi no. A new children&rsquo\;s book based on the true story of a boy and the dog he left behind during evacuation.\n\n3 &ndash\; 4 PM: Interactive work shop with Place It! (first come\, first serve\, limit 25students)\n\n3 PM: An Intergenerational Memoir Arts Workshop\n\nJoin editor Brian Komei Demp ster and illustrator Felicia Hoshino in a creative collaboration workshop. Bring a friend or family member and a memory that may be in the form of a photo\, a letter\, an artifact\, or short writing reflection. Come create a recollection of life before\, during\, or after WW II to share with oth ers. No experience necessary. Reservations requested. Suggested material d onation: $5 (paid to instructor).\n\n&nbsp\;\n\nFor more information\, vis it <a href="" target="_blank">janm. org/target</a>. SUMMARY:Target FREE Family Saturday: Construction Zone URL:/en/events/2011/03/12/target-free-family-saturday-construction-zone/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR