BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20100424T000000Z DTEND:20100424T000000Z DESCRIPTION:National Nikkei Museum &amp\; Heritage Centre presents<strong>\ n Celebrate Spring at Nikkei Place!</strong> \n Saturday\, April 24\, 2010 \, 12 noon &ndash\; 3pm\n FREE\n 6688 Southoaks Crescent (at Kingsway &amp \; Sperling)\, Burnaby\n\n <em>A fun\, family friendly event to enjoy all that spring has to offer! </em>\n\nThe National Nikkei Museum &amp\; Herit age Centre presents <strong>Celebrate Spring at Nikkei Place!</strong> on Saturday\, April 24\, 12 noon to 3pm. Located at Nikkei Place in Burnaby w ith a beautiful Japanese Canadian garden\, this is a free spring event fea turing Japanese <strong>taiko</strong> and <strong>dance</strong> performa nces\, make your own <strong>haiku</strong> and <strong>crafts</strong> (o rigami\, sumie ink painting\, paper cherry blossoms\, kites)\, and much mo re.\n\nFood vendors with Japanese tea\, cakes\, manju\, and handmade craft s (Japanese fashion accessories\, bonsai\, soap\, baby clothing\, etc) wil l be on site.\n\nEnjoy the quiet beauty of a formal <strong>tea ceremony</ strong> by the <strong>Urasenke Tankoukai Vancouver Association</strong> i n a Japanese room setting at 1pm and 2pm\, tickets are $10.\n\n \nOrder yo ur special <strong>Sakura Bento </strong> lunch in advance at 604.777.7000 &ndash\; Adults $15 and Children $6. \n \nA new exhibition <strong>Half & amp\; Half</strong> opens at the Japanese Canadian National Museum\, with a conversation with artists <strong>Mary Anne Tateishi</strong> (painting) and <strong>Robert Shiozaki</strong> (pottery and mixed-media) at 1:30pm. See what happens when two artists start exploring their roots and ancestr y with the museum&rsquo\;s collection.\n\n<strong>PROGRAM</strong>\n\n12pm &nbsp\; Chibi Taiko performance\n 1pm &amp\; 2pm&nbsp\; Japanese Tea cer emony by the Urasenke Tankoukai Vancouver Association\, tickets $10\n 1:30 pm&nbsp\; Half &amp\; Half: Gallery conversation with Mary Anne Tateishi and Robert Shiozaki\n 2:30 pm&nbsp\; Japanese dance by Nishikawa-ryu Dan ce Group\n\n&nbsp\;\n\n<strong>ONGOING EVENTS</strong>\n\nWrite your own H aiku\n Sumie painting\n Create origami and paper flowers\n Make your own c olourful Japanese kite\n Scavenger hunt\n Enjoy the beautiful Japanese Can adian garden\n Half &amp\; Half exhibition opening\n\n<strong>CONFIRMED VE NDORS AT PRESS TIME </strong>\n\nCAKE-YA (cakes) | CHADO TEA HOUSE LTD. (t eas) | Yumi Matsuda (manju) | Chieko Haraguchi (miniature bonsai) | Beauty Secrets of Japan (soap) | Yuko Yoshida (Japanese fashion accessories) | N ora Woo (baby clothing) | Him Creations (felted dolls) | Kayo Hosaka (leat her jewellery)\n\nNational Nikkei Museum &amp\; Heritage Centre<a href="ht tp://">\n</a> \n 604.777.7000\n\nS ponsored by: British Columbia Arts Council\n\n\nMEDIA CONTACT \n Nichola O giwara\, Museum Assistant &amp\; Program Coordinator\n 604 777 7000 ext. 1 09 |&nbsp\; <a></a> SUMMARY:Celebrate Spring at Nikkei Place! URL:/en/events/2010/04/24/celebrate-spring-at-nikkei-place/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR