BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20090305T000000Z DTEND:20090305T000000Z DESCRIPTION:The 7th Japanese American Leadership Symposium\nBuilding New Ne tworks: An Era of “Change” in Japanese American-Japan Relations\n\n100 years have passed since the first Japanese immigration to the U.S. Today Japanese Americans have come to play important roles in their respective c ommunities. How can Japanese Americans and Japan build new relations\, as the diverse American society undergoes “change\,” symbolized by the bi rth of Obama Administration?\n\nThis symposium\, held in Okinawa\, the pla ce of origin for many Japanese Americans\, aims at building new networks b etween Japanese Americans and Japan amidst these changes\, through the pre sentations by three panelists including a sansei of Okinawan ancestry\, be aring in mind the aspiration of Okinawa to become a hub of international e xchange in the Asia-pacific region.\n\n\n<b>◆ Date: Thursday\, March 5\, 2009 15:00-17:30</b> (Reception Commences at 14:30)\n<b>◆ Venue: Oki nawa Harborview Crowne Plaza 2F “Saikai”</b> (2-46 Izumizaki\, Naha Ci ty\, Okinawa) <a href="">>> MA P</a>\n<b>* Admission Free/ Simultaneous Translation Provided</b>\n<b>Symp osium Program</b>\n\n1. Presentations of the three Japanese Americans \n2. Panel Discussions with Coordinators and Commentator \n3. Q&A\ ;\n<ul><b>Coordinators </b>\n- Ms. Irene Hirano (Executive Advisor\, Japan ese American National Museum)\n- Prof. Tosh Minohara (Professor\, Kobe Uni versity)\n\n<b>Panelists</b>\n- Ms. Dianne Fukami (Co-founder & President\ , Bridge Media\, Inc.)\n- Mr. Ken Miyagishima (Mayor\, City of Las Cruces/ CEO\, Ken Miyagishima Insurance Inc.)\n- Ms. Patricia Neilson (Director\, Center for Collaborative Leadership University of Massachusetts) \n\n<b> Commentator</b>\n- Prof. Kurayoshi Takara (Professor\, Ryukyu University)\ n</ul>\nOrganized by: The Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership ( CGP)\, Japanese American National Museum\nCo-organized by: Okinawa Prefect ural Government \n\n<b>■RSVP with your name / affiliation by March 2nd ( Mon.) via FAX (098-866-2765) or email (<a></a>) </b>.\n\n<Contact>\nOkinawa Prefectural Government (Dept. of Tourism\, Commerce & Industry Exchange Promotion Division):\n(Tel) 098-866-2479\nTh e Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership: (Tel) 03-5369-6072                                                                            \n\n SUMMARY:Building New Networks: An Era of "Change" in Japanese American - Ja pan relations\, March 5\, 2009\, Okinawa Harborview Crowne Plaza URL:/en/events/2009/03/05/building-new-networks/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR