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  • Encyclopedia of Nikkei Migration - Historical overviews, demographic data, and bibliographic resources excerpted from Encyclopedia of Japanese Descendants in the Americas: An Illustrated History of the Nikkei, Akemi Kikumura-Yano, ed. (Walnut Creek, CA: AltaMira, 2002).

  • Arts & design - Nikkei artists and arts organizations, works of art on Nikkei themes, and Nikkei aspects of Japanese art forms including taiko, bonsai, and origami.
  • Business & work - Resources on industries in which Nikkei have played central roles, including logging and timber, fishing, and pearling. Profiles of Nikkei business districts (“Japantowns”), business associations, and Nikkei entrepreneurs.
  • Education - Includes the history of education in Nikkei communities; accomplishments by Nikkei educators; and curricula and lesson plans based on Nikkei experiences, including internment.
  • Food & agriculture - Agriculture has played a central role in the development of Nikkei communities around the world. Look here for information on agriculture, landscaping, gardening, and the foodways of Nikkei peoples.
  • Gender, sexuality, & family - Resources on issues related to Nikkei women (including picture brides, military service, and feminism), gay and lesbian identity, and family structure, including marriage and children.
  • Immigration & citizenship - Extensive coverage of Japanese emigration and Nikkei communities worldwide, including timelines, demographic data, regional resources, and Nikkei in Japan.
  • Media & entertainment - Nikkei newspapers and journalism; popular music, film, and television; anime and manga; and festivals and celebrations.
  • Politics & government - Biographies of Nikkei politicians, political activity in Nikkei communities, and the global outreach of Japan through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Japan International Cooperation Agency.
  • Religion - Scholarship and resources on religious traditions in Nikkei communities, including Buddhism, Christianity, and so-called "New Religions".
  • Science & technology - Information on physical and natural sciences, mathematics, engineering, and technology. Includes health and medical research on Nikkei populations, and biographic profiles of practitioners in science and technology related fields.
  • Sports - Sports and sports figures in the Nikkei community. Includes baseball, basketball, football, ice skating, martial arts, soccer, sumo, weightlifting, and many others.
  • War & Resistance - Nikkei experiences in the military, and during and after war, including draft resistance, civil rights, military valor, internment, repatriation, and redress.
  • Reference - Directory of local, national, and international agencies and organizations supporting Nikkei communities.


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