Tokyo Rose (Iva Ikuko Toguri d'Aquino)

(World War II radio broadcaster, 1916-2006)

Of several Wikipedia entries, the German is the most thorough; there are also shorter articles in English and עברית.
  • J. Kingston Pierce, "They Called Her Traitor". American History, October 2002. (Reprinted at, "American History" section)
Includes audio files of her known and extant "Zero Hour" recordings.
  • Dr. Dennis F. Casey, "Was it Tokyo Rose or Not?". Spokesman Online, February 2003. (Air Intelligence Agency, Lackland Air Force Base, Texas)
Describes efforts by actor George Takei to produce a theatrical feature film, "Tokyo Rose: American Patriot."
Conservative pundit O'Reilly compares Iva Toguri's (supposed) actions as Tokyo Rose to Jane Fonda's trip to Hanoi during the Vietnam War.
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