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Cohn is Professor Emeritus of Sociology, University of British Columbia.
Bibliographic essay describing six works published between 1996-1999 on the economic relationships Japan has established with countries in Latin America.
"Over the past 12 years or so, a body of literature has grown on Japanese-Latin American relations. The books under review here are the latest examples of this trend. They cover the historical evolution of such relations, the political-diplomatic issues, and the economic aspects; but with the exception of the book by Jose Sanchis Munoz [NB: Sanchis Munoz, Jose. Japon y la Argentina: historic de sus relaciones. Buenos Aires: Editorial Latinoamericana, 1997.], the emphasis is on economic issues."
Produced in 1946, this U.S. government publication describes the rationale and evolution for the community governance mechanisms implemented at the War Relocation Authority camps.
Examines the legislative efforts of the California Assembly, in the 1930s, to make Japanese-born immigrants ineligible for fishing licenses.
"ABSTRACT: In the 1920s, Euro-American officials and Peruvian nationalists feared that Japanese immigrants would lead the indigenous majority in overthrowing the white elite. Decades later, as the white elite entered a profound crisis of authority, the administration of Alberto Fujimori, son of Japanese immigrants, found widespread support from the Andean descent majority through a careful management and deployment of symbolic and material connections between Andean and Japanese peoples. This paper explores these connections, specifically the attempt to fold Asian Capitalism into a distinctly Peruvian Andean modernism."


Asian/Pacific Islander Politicians (Lawrence Kestenbaum, The Political Graveyard)


  • John Aiso, first Japanese American to enter the California state judiciary.
  • Mike Masaoka (1915-1991), first national spokesperson for Japanese American Citizens League (JACL)
  • Bev Oda (b. 1944), Canadian politician

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"Relations with Countries and Regions of the World"

"Emigration and the Nikkei Communities"

For references on Embassies of Japan, see Embassies of Japan.
For reference on Japanese International Cooperation Aageny, see Reference -- National & International Nikkei Association

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