HNRC Home Movie Collections preserved with funding from the National Film Preservation Foundation

List created by Bob Dirig.

Videotape transfers of home movie collections—Access Copies

·	V=VHS, copies are in storage (Videotape Access Shelves 1-3)
·	For complete descriptions, look in Argus under the Object ID

George Aratani collection
1940s-1960s. Shows life in California, including birthdays, wedding, graduations, Thanksgiving, 
Easter, Christmas, golf, horses, Lake Arrowhead, Hollywood Bowl, trips to U.S. cities and Japan. 
V52			(98.149.1-.3)	
V53			(98.149.4-.6)
V54			(98.149.7-.8)
V55			(98.149.9-.11)
V56			(98.149.12)

Setsuo Aratani collection
1926-1940.	Home movies by Setsuo Aratani, respected community leader and founder of 
the Guadulupe Produce Company in central California, showing images of the produce company, 
farm, family trips, and funeral. 
V86, V87, DVD3	(2004.67.1, .2, .3, .4)

Lloyd Evans collection
1945.  Amateur footage of activities at Heart Mountain concentration camp, Wyoming filmed by 
Christian Reverend Stanley T. Evans who visited Rev. Donald Toriumi at Heart Mountain in 1945.  
V83, V84, DVD2	(95.73.1)

Ben Fukuzaki collection
1940s-early 1950s.  Amateur footage taken by Terminal Islander Ben Fukuzaki on fishing boat, 
wedding, fashion show, football, San Pedro Fisherman's Fiesta in the late 1940s/early 1950s, 
V57 & V78		(2002.1.1)
V58 & V79		(2002.1.2)
V59 & V80		(2002.1.3)

Helen Funai collection
1963.  Nisei Week Festival, when Helen Funai was the 1963 Nisei Week Queen.
V39			(98.318.1, .2)

Willie Funakoshi collection
Nisei Week
V38	“Tape 1”	(93.76.2, .9, .11, .22, .28)
V36	“Tape 2”	(93.76.30, .31, .35, .46)
V41	“Tape 3”	(93.76.8, .12, .42)

Naokichi Hashizume collection
1945.  Amateur footage documenting life in Heart Mountain concentration camp, featuring 
images of Japanese Americans engaged in a variety of activities, including people gathering 
at mess hall, laundry in industrial sinks, sewing and knitting, paper flower making for a 
wreath, mochitsuki from steaming rice to pounding into mochi to forming mochi.  There is 
also footage of exterior and interior views of barracks.
V81, V82, DVD1	(92.18.9)

Lane Hirabayashi collection
1974.  Color film documentary tracing the history of Japanese Americans from the mid 
nineteenth century to the mid 1970s.  Narrated by Ken Kashiwahara and features a number 
of prominent Japanese Americans.
V51			(2000.18.1)

Shig Honda collection		
1949-1955.  Nisei Week.
V26 & V30		(98.147.1)

1945-1948.  Trailer camp in Lomita, California and postwar Los Angeles.
V28, 29, 49		(95.38.7)

Judy Kikuta collection
1968. Taken from a 1968 television show shows Judy Kikuta bowling against Japanese star 
Kayoko Tsuda.
V45-46		(99.186.6)

Dr. Norman Takashi Kobayashi collection
1942-1945.  Black and white amateur footage of activities at Rowher concentration camp, 
Arkansas filmed by Dr. Norman Takashi Kobayashi. Composed of home movie clips of the 
environment the Japanese Americans lived in while incarcerated during World War II, 
including images of barracks, children playing, women strolling about, a soldier in 
uniform, and adolescents playing basketball.
V85			(94.160.1 - .2)

Florence Kuraoka collection
Circa 1950s.  Includes footage of birthday party for young man, street parade, dancers 
performing on stage, children playing in yard, exterior and parking lot shots of Kemoo 
Farm market and restaurant, another birthday party for young boy, chigo parade and 
various family shots taken outside temple.
V.89-90	(98.153.1-.6)

Joe Nagano collection
1950-1952.  This film shows members, both male and female, of the Angelus Tennis Club 
at the Solano Avenue courts in Elysian Park/Canyon (Los Angeles) in the 1950s. 
V47-48		(99.191.1)

Charles Palmerlee collection
1942-1945.  Footage of Tule Lake concentration camp where Charles Palmerlee was a teacher.
V76			(96.47.8a)
V77			(96.47.8b)

Rev. Sensho Sasaki collection
1927-1932. Films of Japanese American communities in Los Angeles, Stockton, and Tacoma 
by Buddhist minister, Rev. Sensho Sasaki.
V73			(96.150.9)
V74			(96.150.11)
V75			(96.150.19)

Akiko Senda collection
1929. Footage from Hawaii, showing parade, Boy Scouts, gardeners. Filmed by William 
Junokichi Senda, who was a pioneer photographer on Kauai. 
V27 & V31		(98.146.1)

Matsujiro Tanioka collection
Late 1920s. Amateur footage of family activities filmed by Matsujiro Tanioka in Maui, Hawaii.
V50			(2000.152.1-.3)

Richard Takechi collection
1930s.Pre-war images from Idaho, showing farms, Okamura Gardens, fish market.
V43-44		(99.176.1, .2) 

Dave Tatsuno collection
Late 1930s-1940s. Home movies from amateur filmmaker Dave Tatsuno, including images of the 
San Francisco Bay area pre-World War II and footage from Topaz Concentration Camp
V65			(91.74.1)
V66			(91.74.2)
V67			(91.74.3)
V68			(91.74.4)
V69			(91.74.5)
V70			(91.74.6)
V71			(91.74.7)
V72			(91.74.8)

Susan Uemura collection
1953,  Home movies capturing the Atomettes' trip to San Francisco for the Japanese 
Provisional conference of the Methodist Church.
V33-34  “Atomettes”	(92.18.10)
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