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A Yonsei's Reflections...

on What the Universe is Telling Me

Vicky K. Murakami-Tsuda

“Seek out the significance of your problem at this time. Try to understand.” —fortune from a recent cookie The universe is trying to tell me something. Lately, I’ve been getting these “signs” that are telling me that I need to take a step back and look at the bigger ...

A Yonsei's Reflections...

on Where the Trees Take Me

Vicky K. Murakami-Tsuda

I'm a city girl...actually, more of a suburbanite. I need certain comforts around me—clean toilets, a shower, comfortable and warm place to sleep, etc. My pale skin proves that I don’t spend a lot of time outdoors. Yet, this year seems to be drawing me out ...

A Yonsei's Reflections...

on How I Was Transported by Redress

Vicky K. Murakami-Tsuda

My first car was a Toyota Tercel—frosted mint (a pale whitish-green color), two doors, and fairly bare-boned. It didn’t have power windows or doors, but it was all mine. Practical and functional, I had it for ten years before I traded it in for a Toyota Matrix. I ...

A Yonsei's Reflections...

on Connections

Vicky K. Murakami-Tsuda

2007 was a year of change, revelations, and connections. I began the year writing the first in this column series about new beginnings and opportunities. My husband and I settled into our new home, we vacationed in New England for the first time (and ate a LOT of lobster!), and ...

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I'm a Yonsei, occasional artist and writer, and full-time Communications Production Manager at the Japanese American National Museum. I was born in Los Angeles and have lived in Southern California almost my entire life.

I am fluent in English, can understand about 80% of conversational Japanese, and don't know any Spanish or Portuguese (although after having worked on Discover Nikkei for so long, would like to learn someday).

I love working in Little Tokyo and living in Gardena. Both areas give me wonderful access to Japanese/Nikkei food, community, and culture. I bowl in a Nikkei league once a week, and spend my free time eating, sleeping, playing on my phone and computer, going to Disneyland, rooting for the Dodgers, spending time with family and friends, and traveling.

I love working on Discover Nikkei and learning about so many different Nikkei experiences around the world!

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