Paul Yoshio Tani

Sexo Male
Birth date 1925-09-07
Local de nascimento San Francisco CA, USA
Inducted 1944-11-10, Jefferson Brks, St. Louis MO
Tipo de alistamento Draftee
Ramo das Forças Armadas Army
Tipo de serviço War
Tipo de Unidade Support
Unidades onde serviu 442nd Regimental Combat Team Replacement Pool, Ft. Meade, MD MISL E-21 (Graduated Snelling July 1945), Ft Snelling, MN Counter Intelligence Center School, Holabird, MD
Military specialty Clerk Typist Rifleman
Stationed Drafted into US Army 11/10/1944. Completed training as a replacement for the 442nd RCT at Camp Blanding, FL, 11/27/1944-03/24/1945. Qualified as Rifleman. In the 442nd Replacement Pool at Ft. Meade, MD when war in Europe ended. Assigned to Military Intelligence Service Language School at Ft. Snelling, MN. After completing 3 months of a 9-month training class, and because the war in Japan ended, I was certified as completing the MISLS course on 10/26/1945. While waiting for the next assignment, I accepted an offer to re-enlist into the Regular Army for one year, effective 11/21/1945. Assigned to the Counter Intelligence Center at Holabird Signal Depot, MD Completed the 2.5 months course of instruction on 4/26/1946. While waiting for assignment as a CIC Agent in Japan, I was placed in the Ft. Meade hospital because of cellulitis of my left ankle. While I was hospitalized, my classmates were shipped to Japan as CIC Agents. For the rest of my Regular Army enlistment, I was a clerk-typist and eventually, section chief in charge of Special Orders.
Separated Ft. George G. Meade MD
Unit responsibility Replacement pool for 442nd RCT; Teach Japanese language; Counter Intelligence
Personal responsibility Rifleman; Language Specialist; Clerk-typist.
Most vivid memory of military experience Thanks to the Japanese American National Museum, one memory has been preserved. In a montage at the JANM, there is a photograph of eighteen soldiers in the Drum and Bugle Corps at Ft. Snelling. I am one of those soldiers.
Most important thing, personally, to come from military experience? I served the United States in the US Army for twenty-five months, and this entitled me to the benefits of the GI Bill of Rights. This enabled me to graduate from Stanford University with a BS (Math, 1949) and MS (Math, 1951).
Additional information Residence: Ashburn, VA. JAVA member.

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