Tomio "Tom" Satow

Sexo Male
Birth date 1920-08-08
Local de nascimento CA, USA
Tipo de alistamento Draftee
Ramo das Forças Armadas Army
Tipo de serviço War
Tipo de Unidade Support
Unidades onde serviu

MISLS C-23 (Graduated Snelling, Feb. 1945)
Zebra Platoon
Hqs Co
CCD, Fukuoka, Japan

Military specialty

Military Intelligence


USA: Ft. Snelling, MN
Other Countries: Fukuoka, Japan

Unit responsibility

Military intelligence.

Awards, medals, citations (individual or unit)

Congressional Medal of Honor in 2010


Additional information

Residence: Carpinteria, CA.

Attended  Compton Junior College and graduated with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering.

Interned at Rohwer Internment Center, AK.

After war, moved to Hawthorne, CA to work in the family flower business. Moved to Carpenteria in 1970 to continue growing avocados and carnations. Became member of the Carpenteria Kiwanis Club and served as secretary for many years.

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