Kizuna 2020: Bondade e solidariedade nikkeis durante a pandemia da COVID-19

Em japonês, kizuna significa fortes laços emocionais. Em 2011, convidamos nossa comunidade nikkei global a contribuir para uma série especial sobre como as comunidades nikkeis reagiram e apoiaram o Japão após o terremoto e tsunami de Tohoku. Agora, gostaríamos de reunir histórias sobre como as famílias e comunidades nikkeis estão sendo impactadas, respondendo e se ajustando a essa crise mundial.

Se você deseja participar, consulte nossas diretrizes de envio. Receberemos envios em inglês, japonês, espanhol e/ou português e estamos buscando diversas histórias do mundo todo. Esperamos que essas histórias ajudem a nos conectar, criando uma cápsula do tempo de respostas e perspectivas de nossa comunidade Nima-kai global para o futuro.

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Embora muitos eventos em todo o mundo tenham sido cancelados devido à pandemia da COVID-19, percebemos que muitos novos eventos apenas online estão sendo organizados. Como são online, qualquer pessoa pode participar de qualquer lugar do mundo. Se a sua organização Nikkei está planejando um evento virtual, poste-o na Seção de Eventos do Descubra Nikkei! Também compartilharemos os eventos via Twitter @discovernikkei. Felizmente, isso ajudará a nos conectar de novas maneiras, mesmo quando estamos todos isolados em nossas casas.

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EO9066 vs. COVID-19

I’ve been struggling with what more to say about the pandemic now known as the worst disaster of our lifetimes. I don’t ever remember feeling this fearful and uncertain about the future, particularly knowing as infection and death statistics grow with steady predictability, this highly contagious virus will most certainly infect someone I love, many of whom are in the dangerous high-risk age group.

In the midst of this immediate fear, I realized that most of us baby boomers and younger don’t have the first-hand experience of that other terrifying time in American history when our families ...

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気分転換に外食するわけにもいかない。レストランはテイクアウトとデリバリー以外の営業が許されていない。業界にとっては危機的状況だ。そのような状況の中、ロサンゼルス周辺で日本食レストラン、ラーメン店 ...

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COVID Ghost Town

In November 2019, I was in a US hospital for five days. My temperature was hovering around 102°F. I sweat profusely, followed by the chills. I couldn’t get out of bed without collapsing to the floor. I was dizzy, I had lost my appetite, I was extremely weak.

This was before COVID was a daily news story, though medical researchers now have speculated that the virus started around that time in Northern Italy (and not China).

I went to the Emergency Ward and the medical staff ran several tests on me. They found that my bladder, my kidneys ...

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2020年4月16日現在、新型コロナウィルスが全世界に拡散し猛威を振るっており、その状況は日々変化している。今年2月3日、横浜に大型クルーザーが寄港した1。これが日本の見えないそれもまだ十分に知られていない「敵」との戦いの始まりだった。感染拡大を防止するため、3月に学校の一斉休校やイベント自粛要請が出た。3月に入るとイタリアやスペインをはじめとする欧州全体の出入国規制も厳しくなり、その反動で中南米諸国も同じような措置をとった。最終的には国や州別のロックダウン(都市封鎖)が行われ、一部の国では兵士の警備が伴う夜間外出禁止令が発せられた。我々一般市民は、きちんとした手洗いやマスク使用、部屋の換気や三つの密「密閉空間、密集場所、密接場面」をつくらない、外出を極力控えるという予防策をとることが推奨された ...

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Just 10 Weeks Ago

10 weeks ago, I joyfully drank sake and ate the best tonkatsu in Tokyo.

8 weeks ago, I toured snowy Hokkaido tasting their bounty of kombu, oysters, and uni.

6 weeks ago, I played Mahjong with my neighbors and won three rounds in a row.

4 weeks ago, I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day at the local pizzeria. Later that evening, our Governor called for a statewide shutdown.

2 weeks ago, the stock market crashed.

How the world has changed. One moment we were celebrating the first day of 2020 with Oshogatsu ryori. Cheers to a new decade of hope ...

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