COPANI & KNT (2007)

Este é uma série de artigos e relatos sobre a Convenção Conjunta COPANI & KNT realizada entre 18 e 21 de julho de 2007 em São Paulo.

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46th Kaigai Nikkeijin Taikai

In this important and interesting meeting held in São Paulo, jointly with the 14th Pan-American Nikkei Convention, the debates started with a superb and stimulating speech of Prof. Kotaro Horisaka. In the final session, coordinated by Prof. Masato Ninomiya, I had the opportunity to make some small remarks.

It was suggested by the convention leaders that the discussion were concentrated in the current problems and future perspectives of the Nikkei communities. The presentation of the participants of abroad showed that, despite some similar problems, there is a large diversity of situations faced. This shows that the Nikkei is not ...

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