Don Tanaka

Don Tanaka is a retired air-conditioning service tech of 38 years, during which he distinguished himself as a union officer and the Director of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration for Southern Calif., with 2000 service members in Southern Calif. He became a member of APALA (Asian Pacific American labor Alliance) protecting immigrant workers rights. He volunteers at the Japanese American National Museum and Keiro. He also volunteers on a committee called WHPA, (Western HVAC Performance Alliance). They are the eyes and ears for the CPUC and CEC to help provide input on energy efficiency air conditioning equipment. 

Updated August 2017

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Caring and Helping Others

Chohichi Tanaka left Itoshima in Fukuoka, Japan in the early 1900s looking for a better life. He decided to venture to America where he thought he might find work. Chohichi stopped in Hawaii for a short period, but continued to head to the mainland. He arrived in San Francisco. He went to French Camp, near Stockton, California. He became a share cropper and grew sugar beets and sweet potatoes. He met his wife through a picture bride arrangement; her name was Waka.

They had five children: Aiko, Yoshio, Masao, Mitsuko, and Hanako. They all attended school in French Camp. Education ...

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